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Welcome you to my personal web site.

Being the proprietor of the company M/s. Joeltech Systems ( www.joeltech.in) , I am actively involved in the business of providing total thermal validation solutions in the field of Food and Pharmaceutical Processing.

We are the business associates of M/s. ELLAB A/S Denmark in India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bangladesh.

We supply equipment, machineries, software, accessories etc and also offer application support and validation services for food and pharmaceutical industries who are aiming mainly at export  market.

We have well experienced and qualified staff who are expert in this particular line. Moreover we have a good dealer network across the different regions of India for the business activities.

Immediately after my college days ( 1992)  I worked as a cartoonist as well as editor for  few  cartoon based magazines for a short period of time. I enjoyed caricaturing as well as cartooning during that time. I could not improve or utilize my such talents during the last 23 long years ever since I involved in my business profession.

Now I think that along with by business activities, I should try to work out some of my earlier activities at least now, before I fully drained out of such blessings.

Through my web site, I would like to write blogs about my views  about different subjects, little bit of cartooning, caricaturing, share with you about my wonderful teenage stories  as well as I would like to utilize this site to communicate and get updated with my friends and well wishers.

You can see me at my facebook address :


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