Health benefits provided by corn

Corn is not a routine food for most of the people, but once you get to know the health benefits of corn, you will make it a regular food. In addition to its sweet, savory taste, corn offers multiple health benefits as well. Few are listed below…

Rich in fibre and low in fat, Corn helps stop constipation and helps in better digestion.

Corn is rich in carbs as well as calories. Therefore, it can be considered as a good dietary intake if you’re looking to gain some extra pounds.

Corn very much reduces the risk of diabetes. It is also good for stress relief and is rich in carbohydrates and protein.

Corn’s yellow kernels contain arytenoids that lessen the risk of any sort of visual impairment.

For pregnant women, doctors suggest corn. They recommend expecting mothers to add it to their regular diet.

Corn brings down cholesterol levels and is mainly beneficial for heart health. It also helps in combating cardiovascular diseases.

Corn starch is used as an ingredient in a number of cosmetic products. Health experts even suggest applying corn topically to soothe skin rashes and irritation.

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